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With over 13 years of expertise in the field, Risdian Isbintara is an award-winning real estate agent with ERA Realty Network.

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Risdian's online presence lacks a consistent look and feel, which can hinder brand recognition and customer engagement. Secondly, he requires a dedicated team to assist with content creation and social media management, ensuring a vibrant and engaging online presence. Additionally, lead generation from his target audience remains a pressing concern, necessitating strategic solutions to boost conversion rates.


We conduct a thorough brand audit and develop a cohesive visual identity that aligns with Risdian's values and goals, ensuring a consistent look and feel across all digital platforms. Our content team collaborated with Risdian to create compelling, audience-targeted content, enhancing engagement and establishing thought leadership. To tackle lead generation, we'll employ data-driven strategies, including SEO optimization, and social media advertising, to attract and convert potential clients effectively. Lastly, our ongoing management services will encompass regular website updates, reputation management, and analytics monitoring to maintain and continuously enhance Risdian's online presence. Together, these measures will position Risdian for sustained growth and success in the digital landscape.





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Risdian Logo Final Design - 220830-Main.png

The house design is implemented to emphasise the profession of Risdian Isbintara as a Real Estate agent.

The uses the initials RI, which stands for Risdian Isbintara. A Serif Font is use to give a distinct touch of sophistication to the brand and instills a sense of professionalism and grandeur.

If you look closely, it has been shape to look like a pillar of a house to symbolise strength and stability of the brand.

To balance the main logo, a san serif font is used to portray the character of the founder as someone who is casual, friendly, and very approachable.

Logo Design

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